Permits and Licences


You can walk and hike on all Coillte lands, and cycle in selected sites, without the need for a permit. However for most other activities you will need a permit. There is a fee, but it’s not too much. And we do expect you to carry insurance to cover your activity.

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Licensed Hunting

Game hunting and deer stalking are amongst the oldest forms of forest recreation and continue to be legally enjoyed by many people across the country.

Respecting the traditional nature of this activity and recognising the social, environmental and economic benefits which hunting can contribute, Coillte permit certain types of hunting on their estate where it is deemed compatible with forest management objectives and where it is not considered to compromise the safety of other forest users or negatively impact populations of quarry species.  This is in line with our Recreation Policy and Deer Management Policy and supports the principles of multiple use forestry.

Hunting is managed and regulated through the issue of licences which are subject to open public tender.  Tender bids are evaluated based on the annual fee offered, applicant's previous experience, their commitment to safety as well as environmental and local interest considerations.  Coillte is moving toward a position whereby only persons who have completed an approved competence assessment will be permitted to hunt on its lands.  Currently this is a mandatory requirement for all those intending to hunt wild deer. 

Coillte have produced a code of practice which establishes minimum standards expected of all persons engaged in these activities alongside compliance with national legislation and conditions of the licence agreement.

Coillte is totally opposed to illegal hunting or use of firearms on its lands which is an offence under the Wildlife Acts 1976 (as amended) and under current Forestry Bye-Laws. Suspected occurrences of this activity should be reported immediately to an Garda Síochána, National Parks and Wildlife Service. Coillte fully supports the "Shine a Light on Poaching" campaign.

Codes of Practice

All persons licensed to exercise sporting rights on Coillte lands are required to be appropriately trained and competent, safe and responsible, compliant with legislation and licence conditions, and to commit to ensure the highest standards of animal welfare are maintained at all times.   The minimum standards expected of all persons involved in the hunting and shooting of deer, game and other quarry species on Coillte lands are outlined in the following Code of Practice  - Sustainable Hunting - Code of Practice 

Obtaining a Licence / Further Information

Licences to hunt deer and game birds on Coillte land are subject to open tender competition.  The Primary Tender competition of available licensed areas is undertaken in March each year with a subsequent Secondary Tender competition of any remaining areas undertaken in July each year.

Coillte operate a sealed bidding system whereby tender bids will only be accepted if received on an official form of tender, in a sealed envelope, by the relevant office prior to the closing date of the tender competition.  Please download the form of tender, tendering instructions, terms and conditions.

All tender bids will be evaluated using a Points Scoring Matrix whereby cognisance will be taken of a applicants previous experience, and certified training as well as environmental, local interest and safety considerations.

Hunting licences are managed at Business Area Unit Level (BAU). For further information on hunting licences please contact the relevant BAU.

Types of Licences Available

The following types of licences are available for hunting activities on Coillte lands

Deer Hunting Licence

View Coillte Deer Hunting Licence information (PDF 35KB)

View Coillte Deer Hunting Sample Licence (PDF 217KB)

Game Hunting - Rough Shooting

View Coillte Game Hunting - Rough Shooting Licence information

View Coillte Game Hunting - Rough Shooting Sample Licence

Game Hunting - Reared Game

View Coillte Game Hunting - Reared Game Licence information

View Reared Game Hunting Sample Licence

Catalogue of Available Licences

Please note that Coillte's secondary tender competition for deer and game licences has now closed.  The next tender competition for available licenced areas is scheduled for March 2018.