Apple Derrydonnell

Due to its location situated within a Strategic Development Corridor IDA/Apple acquired a 198ha forested site at Derrydonnell property, Athenry, Galway for the development of a Data centre.  The site was selected because of its strategic location to energy sources, ease of access and location to Galway and other large urban areas offering a skilled workforce. As part of the project Apple agreed to the development of a new forest walk for recreational users and also to develop a new outdoor class room for Lisheenkyle School.

This is the largest single investment by a multi-national company in the West of Ireland. When complete the centre will employ 150 people.


With 321 forests located across the country, our land is suitable and available for national and local infrastructure projects.

Renewable Energy

High quality wind farms have been built on our lands, and as Ireland continues to promote new sectors such as solar, storage and biomass, Land...


As custodian of Ireland’s forests, Coillte manages the estate for forestry, recreation and biodiversity - as well as buying and selling land for a range...

Discover our Business

We run three high potential businesses on our land - Forestry, Land Solutions and MEDITE SMARTPLY. These businesses will deliver up to €75 million per annum by 2025, this will be a return of 4-5% from our €1.5 billion assets.