24 November 2021 Dublin Mountains Makeover

DMM Update for Carrickgollogan and Barnaslingan

The Dublin Mountains Makeover is continuing with new native woodland areas being planted in several areas this winter. To make way for more native woodland, an area is being cleared at Carrickgollogan starting the week of 29th  November. CCF thinnings are also taking place at Barnaslingan, see below for more details.

Please take care when visiting by watching out for machinery and following any safety signage and instructions from staff.

New Native Woodlands at Carrickgollogan

At Carrickgollogan we are converting an area of pine and spruce forest that was burnt in the forest fires of 2018 into native woodland. Please take care and watch out for harvesting machines which are removing the burned and blown over trees.

Replanting this area with new native woodland will enhance the biodiversity, enrich the forest’s recreational appeal and bring more autumn colour to the hills.

CCF Management at Barnaslingan

At Barnaslingan we are managing this mixed woodland through Continuous Cover Forestry (CCF) with thinning operations taking place over the coming weeks. Watch out for harvesting machinery thinning out the mature pine, fir, larch and beech. Please follow any safety signage and instructions from staff on the ground.

With CCF management we keep maintain a permanent forest cover but gradually, over time, the forest is thinned regularly to develop into a more diverse, multi-structural and multi-aged forest that will last into the future.

You can find out more about the Dublin Mountains Makeover here.

For health and safety reasons there may be temporary detours of recreation trails during the harvesting operations. Please always follow safety signage and the instructions of staff directing traffic.


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