Director of Environmental Social and Governance Strategy

Role Objective

The Director of ESG Strategy leads a large and diverse team, responsible for delivering the range of environmental and social benefits from our large forest estate (7% of the land of Ireland), protecting its integrity and value through excellent stewardship and governance, delivering recreation and nature conservation projects of scale, promoting of a strong safety culture and delivery of quality assurance systems, and providing strong advocacy and communication of the value our forests bring to the people of Ireland.

As a member of the Coillte Forest Executive leadership team you will join a collaborative and high performing team and you will play an active part in the delivery of the Coillte Forest strategy, while acting as a strong visible role model for the wider Coillte Group’s values.

Role Details

Contract: Permanent

Reports to: Managing Director, Coillte Forest

Location: Newtownmountkennedy and or by Agreement

Role Responsibilities

ESG Strategy
• Develop strategies and sustainable funding models that promote and deliver high quality public goods in the areas of recreation, biodiversity and water from the forest estate. Ensure these can be measured and valued and that they are complementary to our commercial activities.

Forest Recreation & Activity
• Develop and implement Coillte’s forest recreation strategy, to deliver national level recreation to local communities, adventure and activity offerings in key strategic areas, and outstanding destinations at our forest parks.

• Establish and maintain key national strategic partnerships to further expand Coillte’s position as the leading outdoor recreation provider in Ireland.

• Lead and guide the recreation team as they deliver recreational infrastructure projects at key strategic sites throughout our forest estate.

• Manage and support the development and implementation of processes to embed and support best practice in outdoor recreation across Coillte Forest.

Environmental & Quality Assurance Services
• Manage the forest certification processes and systems, to ensure that Coillte is adopting to best forestry practices and relevant certification standards.

• Ensure strong governance and compliance systems are in place so that effective internal controls and reporting systems ensure Coillte Forest is compliant with legal and regulatory requirements.

• Support the forest operations team in the planning and management of all aspects of environmental considerations in our core forest activities.

Ecology & Nature Services
• Provide best practice Ecological Services to the forest planning and operations teams, thereby supporting environmental assessments and appropriate assessment screening.

• Manage and expand the BIOclass initiative to assess, measure and record the biodiversity value of our forest, land and water habitats.

• Manage and deliver the BIOforest initiative to develop ecological plans to protect, enhance and restore biodiversity across our forest estate, through conservation projects.

• Identify and monitor the biotic risks and biosecurity of our forest estate and develop appropriate protection and mitigation measures.

Health & Safety, Risk Management
• Actively promote and prioritise a safe working environment for our people, our contractors and customers in the forest estate.

• Lead the Health & Safety team to develop and implement internationally recognised standards for health & safety and quality management throughout our forest operations.

• Implement an effective risk strategy framework which supports the management of business and regulatory risks within the Coillte Forest division.

Stakeholder Advocacy and Communications
• Work with the Group communications team to ensure Coillte Forest develops & implements communications strategies for the successful management of our stakeholders and the enhancement of our public relationships.

• Provide strong advocacy positions to a range of external stakeholders in promoting the multiple benefits of forestry to society.

People Development
• Create a culture within the ESG Strategy team which promotes high performance, strong leadership and high levels of motivation and empowerment.

Behavioural Competencies:

A role model for living our values of Respect, Simplicity, Empowerment, Outward Looking and Responsible and creating the environment for those in the team to do the same by being:

• Strong Communicator/Influencer: Highly developed interpersonal skills that engender trust with an excellent ability to influence people and other teams within and outside the organisation.

• Outward Looking: Ability to develop and maintain key relationships and networks to facilitate the development of strategic partnerships.

• Strategic Agility: The capacity to think strategically and be future oriented when driving the execution of the strategy.

• Delivering Results: The drive to deliver large infrastructural projects, exceed goals and push self and others towards high levels of performance.

• Decision-making: The capacity to make good decisions in a demanding environment and delegate responsibility and accountability to the appropriate level.

• Innovation: Challenging the status quo and devising and getting buy-in for new ideas and processes.

• People Leadership: Understanding the importance of supporting and developing people and creating a climate in which people can do their best.

• Managing Change and Ambiguity: Openness to change and the capacity to deal comfortably with risk and uncertainty.

Desired Technical/Professional Competencies:

• Education and Experience: Hetac level 8 degree qualification in a relevant discipline.

• Large Programme/Project Management: Ability to oversee the governance and delivery of large scale programmes or projects with significant complexity, including joint venture dual funded arrangements.

• Relevant specialist expertise: Excellent understanding and at least 5 years’ experience in at least one of the following areas; project management, recreation and leisure, environmental management, health & safety, quality assurance and governance.

• Managing multiple activities: Experience and co-ordination with multiple teams to keep numerous projects progressing at the one time.

• People Management: Strong people management ability to be able to lead a portfolio of experts, and to play a key role within the Coillte Forest executive leadership team.

• Networking: Knowledge and experience of advocacy in building sustainable positions with an array of stakeholders and key influencers.

• Growth mindset: The ideal candidate will be ambitious and inquisitive, open to learning new skills and have the capacity to acquire knowledge and expertise.


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