Coillte Social and Environmental Panels

Our Social and Environmental panels provide a forum for Coillte and environmental, social and community groups to discuss issues of common interest.  The forum also provides an opportunity for Coillte to receive, views and suggestions from the panel and for stakeholders to receive information about Coillte’s policies, plans and practices.

A panel is formed in each Coillte Business Unit Area and is operated at a local level. Acceptance of new panel members takes place at different stages but local advertisements are placed when vacancies arise.  

If you would like to be part of our panel, please complete the application form, sending it to the Coillte email address, as outlined on the panel advertisement. 

How the members of the Social and Environmental Panels are selected

  • A selection committee, which comprises one Coillte person and two non-Coillte employees, check all nominations and determine the final panel.

What period people serve on them?

  • Panels run for 3 years and they are then re-established with new members.

What are the objectives of the Panel ?

  • To provide a forum at local level for Coillte and environmental, social and community groups to engage and discuss issues of common interest, to outline their policies, plans and practices.
  • To provide an opportunity for Coillte to receive information, views and suggestions from stakeholders, 
  • To consider suggestions and views put forward by the panel members 

Does the panel have any formal standing in terms of decision making?

  • At this forum, the panel members have the opportunity to raise issues and concerns.  These will be considered by the local Coillte management and relevant decisions taken if required.